Representative or Typical StreeterWyatt engagements include:

  • Dozens of IPOs, including several multi-billion dollar offerings
  • Frequently represent the board with regard to management, board pay, compensation governance and process matters
  • University officer and athletic pay consulting and data collection
  • Hired by counsel for Fortune 50 company in dispute with former acquisition CEO
  • Represent management in connection with significant acquisitions
  • Represented public and private universities and foundations and university and foundation executives on compensation matters
  • Represented major hospitals and medial practices on compensation matters
  • Represented all levels of state and local governments on compensation matters
  • Represented hundreds of executives and institutions in IRS compensation matters
  • Frequent consultation on employment contract terms including pay components and features such as golden parachute payments, severance arrangements, non-compete allowances and limitations, incentive awards and buyouts.

We will agree to render independent opinions on a limited number of expert witness assignments, subject to diligence on counsel, case requirements, market sustainability of party positions and other factors.