Computing Underwater Option Exchange Ratios

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Exchanges of underwater stock options, or “repricings” still occur on occasion.  Public companies are almost certain to invite criticism from certain institutional shareholders and their advisers who may use a repricing to contest the election of any director who supports … Continued

Biotech IPO Stock Plan Evergreens

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Although not really news, we did pull the stock plan evergreens for most of the recent  “standard” IPOs.  By standard, we mean domestic companies listing on US exchanges that have really not been subject to public reporting rules previously.  Virtually … Continued

Severance for Small Cap Biotechs

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We recently performed severance analyses for about 40 public companies with market caps below $1 billion. The group was mostly comprised of drug development companies without substantial revenues but there were a few device and service health care companies–also without … Continued

Reforming ISS and Glass Lewis

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A nice and sensible wish list from old friend Jim Barrall at Latham.

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