We are principally a management consulting firm specializing in market determination of components of pay for boards of directors, boards of trustees and key management.  We also address compensation governance and process matters. The firm was founded by Garth Gartrell, an experienced compensation consultant/lawyer with over 40 years of  experience across a number of industries and organizations.  He has authored several compensation books, including “Executive Compensation for Emerging Growth Companies” which is published by Thomson Reuters/Westlaw Publishing.  We have substantial IPO design and public company experience and maintain data bases for several different industries. Our clients range from larger multinational companies and leading universities and nonprofits, to tech start-ups and smaller cap public companies.  Our clients have headquarters in all regions of the United States.

We will agree to render independent opinions on a limited number of expert witness assignments, subject to diligence on counsel, case requirements, market sustainability of party positions and other factors.